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The Official SEEKRIEG Website
This site has complete information about the game and features downloadable scenarios, revised ship logs and other useful information for naval wargamers.

AllWebCo Templates
We have used their templates to create this site as well as the SEEKRIEG web site and highly recommend their products

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Miniature Wargaming
Free Miniature Wargaming Resources - free miniature wargames rules, terrain and painting tips, paper figures and terrain, reviews of rules, board games, toy soldiers and more!

Clash Of Arms Games
Home site for the Admiralty Trilogy series of naval miniatures rules.

Avalanche Press Games
Home site for the Great War At Sea and Second World War At Sea series of naval boardgames.

Battlers Connection
Since 1997 BATTLERS CONNECTION has been a builder, battler and supplier of equipment and supplies for use in R/C Warship Combat. Check out their wide variety of quality hulls and equipment. - A shopping resource

Tabletop Gaming News
Daily news, reviews and information for tabletop gamers of all interests.