Shirt Size Conversion

The table below can be used to convert shirt sizes.

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Care and Feeding of Shirts

The printed shirts offered here at the SEAWARSTORE are produced using either a heat-transfer or direct print process. Although there is much discussion regarding the relative merits of these two processes, the fact is that given proper care, we have not seen a significant deterioration of printed images regardless of the process. Shirts produced using both processes do tend to lose some of the original brilliance after the first laundering but the long-term image retention is the same, provided you follow these guidelines:

1. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents. Just like any other garments, these can damage the fabric and will cause the image to fade.

2. Launder the shirt inside-out.

3. Do not dry-clean!! The chemicals and heat used in the dry cleaning process will rapidly fade printed images.