Naval Ensign & Theme Tote Bags

Seekrieg Naval Flag & Naval Battle Tote Bags: The perfect solution for hauling your kit to a game, these full-size, heavy-duty natural canvas tote bags feature long, over-the-shoulder strap, measures approximately 16" x 12" and the gusset allows the bag to expand to 6" or more. The Seekrieg Crest is imprinted on one side and you can choose between several naval theme images for the other side. Styles include Great Britain (Royal Navy), Imperial Japanese Navy (Rising Sun), Imperial German Navy (Hochseeflotte), US Navy Jack, France (Armee Navale), Imperial Spain (Armada Espanola), USN Battleship, USN Battleline and Imperial Russian Navy.

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Price: $14.95


Seekrieg Naval Theme Tote Bags