Naval Theme Tote Bags

Naval Theme Tote Bags: The perfect solution for hauling your kit to a game, these full-size, heavy-duty natural canvas tote bags feature long, over-the-shoulder strap, measures approximately 16" x 12" and the gusset allows the bag to expand to 6" or more. Available styles include Great White Fleet, Admiral Nelson England Expects Signal, John Paul Jones Serapis Flag, East Asia Cruiser Squadron, Royal Navy Grey Funnel Line, US Navy White Star Line and Naval Ensign/Crest versions for the Austro-Hungarian Navy, British Royal Navy, US Navy, Imperial German Navy, Italian Regia Marina, Imperial Japanese Navy and the Imperial Russian Navy.

Price: $14.95


Great White Fleet Tote BagAdmiral Nelson Signal Tote Bag
John Paul Jones Serapis Tote BagEast Asia Cruiser Squadron Tote Bag
Grey Funnel Line Tote BagWhite Star Line Tote Bag
Austro-Hungarian Navy Tote BagImperial German Navy Tote Bag
Royal Navy Tote BagItaly Regia Marina Tote Bag
Imperial Japanese Navy Tote BagImperial Russian Navy Tote Bag
US Navy First Navy Jack Tote Bag