Naval Battle & Theme Tile Coasters


Naval Battle & Flag Coasters: Colorful 4.25" x 4.25" ceramic tile coasters for the naval wargamer. Use them as coasters, ID plates on the game table or whatever you can think of. Choose from 21 different styles including Jutland 1916, Tsushima 1905, Guadalcanal 1942, John Paul Jones, Admiral Halsey, Admiral Nelson, Nelson England Expects Signal, Confederate Navy, Dogger Bank 1915, USN CINCPAC, IJN Yamato, East Asia Squadron, HMS Dreadnought, Naval Wargamer Crest, Seekrieg 30th Anniversary, US Navy Officers Crest, Royal Navy Officers Crest, Italian Regia Marina Crest, Imperial Russian Crest, Battle of Lissa 1866 and Battle of Santiago de Cuba 1898.

Price: $6.95

Naval Theme Coasters