Historic Naval Ensigns (flag only)

These 12" x 18" high-quality flags are beautifully printed on light-weight poly-cotton fabric with bright colors and are sewn around the edges. They feature a full "sleeve hem" which makes it easy to slip the flag onto a stick or halyard for display. The 17 naval ensigns include:

Austro Hungarian Naval Ensign 1880-1915
Austro Hungarian Naval Ensign 1915-1918
Imperial Chinese Navy Ensign 1890-1911 (dragon flag)
Confederate Navy 11-Star Ensign (CSS Virginia)
Great Britain (White Ensign and Red Ensign)
Imperial Germany Naval Ensign 1903-1918
Germany Kriegsmarine Ensign 1937-1945
Kingdom of Italy Naval Ensign 1861-1946
Imperial Japanese Naval Ensign 1889 (rising sun)
Imperial Russian Navy Ensign (1712-1917)
Soviet Navy Ensign 1935-1992
Imperial Spainish Naval Ensign 1785-1931
USA 1861 Civil War (34-star) Ensign
USA 1896 Spanish American War (45-star) Ensign
USA 1912 WW1-WW2 (48-star) Ensign
USA First Navy Jack Dont Tread On Me Ensign

We are offering this "flag-only" option to customers who wish to save on shipping. See our Deluxe Historic Naval Ensigns page if you would like to purchase the flag with a deluxe stick & base.

Price: $5.95


12x18 Historic Naval Ensigns