Naval Ensign Tile Coasters


Colorful 4.25"x4.25" ceramic tile naval ensign coasters for the naval wargamer. Use them as coasters, ID plates on the game table or whatever you can think of. Choose from 10 different styles including Italian Navy Regia Marina coaster (Italy), British Royal Navy coaster (White Ensign), Imperial Japanese Navy Nihon Kaigun coaster, IJN Combined Fleet coaster, Imperial Chinese Navy coaster, Soviet Navy coaster, Confederate States Navy 11-Star coaster, Austro-Hungarian Navy coaster, Imperial German Navy Hochseeflotte coaster, US First Navy Jack coaster, US Navy 48-Star Old Glory coaster, French Armee Navale coaster, Spanish Armada Espanola coaster and Imperial Russian Navy coaster.

Price: $6.95

Naval Ensign Coasters