Navy Blue Navy Crest & Flag T-Shirts

Here are some truly unique t-shirts designed especially for the naval gamer and history buff! Direct printed on pre-shrunk, Gildan 100% UltraCotton shirts that feature a seamless collar and durable double-stitched seams and bottom, all styles are available in adult sizes from Small to 3XL.

These colorful shirts come in navy blue only and are emblazoned on the front left breast with a naval crest design. These designs are heraldic renditions of official or un-official crests for the particular navy measure approximately 5" high or wide. The back of each shirt features a large naval ensign in full color with the text underneath in steel gray.

The seven styles currently available are: United States Navy (with the US First Navy Jack and a heraldic version of the USN Officer's Crest), British Royal Navy (with the White Ensign and a heraldic version of the Royal Navy Officer's crest but with the Naval crown instead of the King's or Queen's crown), Austro-Hungarian Navy (with a heraldic version of the Austro-Hungarian Navy crest and the 1880-1915 naval ensign), Italian Navy Regia Marina (with a heraldic version of the Regia Marina crest and the naval ensign of the Kingdom of Italy), Imperial Japanese Navy (with the IJN Anchor & Imperial Chrysanthemum crest and the Rising Sun flag), Imperial German Navy (with a heraldic version of the Imperial German Navy Officer's badge and the Imperial War Ensign) and Imperial Russian Navy (with the Imperial Russian Eagle on a gold shield and the Imperial Russian naval ensign).

Austro-Hungarian Navy ShirtImperial German Navy Shirt
British Royal Navy ShirtItalian Navy Shirt
Imperial Japanese Navy ShirtImperial Russian Navy Shirt
United States Navy Shirt
Naval Crest Flag Shirt USN

Sizes S to 3XL

$29.95 TO $33.95