Rivet Counters T-Shirt

Do you enjoy playing detailed wargames or crafting models in excruciating detail? Do your gamer or modeler friends call you a "rivet counter"? Whether you are a modeler or wargamer, now you can stand up and be counted (pun intended) and wear the badge proudly with the SeaWarStore's exclusive IBRC - International Brotherhood of Rivet Counters T-shirt!

Sporting the official crest and scroll (Details, Details, Details) of the I.B.R.C., our Rivet Counter shirt is direct printed on pre-shrunk, Gildan 100% UltraCotton tees that feature the full Rivet Counter crest on the front; the original shield (a rivet on a field of red) topped with a research book resting on a royal pillow and flanked by two lion supporters (one holding a rivet and the other an abacus). The back features the official motto, VENI VIDI NUMERAVI (I came, I saw, I counted) on a pile of rivets, clearly showing your support for the time-honored practice of "rivet counting". Wear it proudly!

Available in adult sizes M/L/XL/2X/3X.

New Rivet Counter T-Shirt
New Rivet Counter T-Shirts

Adult sizes M to 3XL

$24.95 to $27.95
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